303 or Trash!

I haven’t BLOGGED a workout in awhile. I always wonder if people even read training blogs; and if they do, for what reason? To see what the competition is doing? To learn something? Or just out of curiosity? (Feel free to leave a comment answering this question.)

Since my 8 for 9 performance at the Arnold (270, 143, 341), I’m taking a page out of the Mike Zourdos’ book for Raw Nationals in July. The volume is humbling to say the least. This is the 2nd time I have run a volume block like this, so I knew what to expect, but hobbling down stairs and not being able to sit on a toilet without use of the handicap handrails is a bitch!

I’m not giving the program/concept away, because he basically put his whole PhD into this method called Daily Undulating Periodization, and deserves to be compensated for it… But I want to share all the work that I’ve been doing, and still have ahead of me. Volume is not my thing. I don’t LOVE it! I love what happens at the end of the 6-12 weeks, but I usually pout about it until then!

I’m squatting and benching 3x a week, deadlifting once. Minimal/NO accessory work… but tons and tons and tons of reps. Tons for a powerlifter, anyways. So here’s what I gots 🙂

Last week: (week 1) 
MONDAY Squat: 175 5×8 (my legs were shaking by the 3rd set)
MONDAY Bench: 85 5×8 (stupid light)
WEDNES Squat: 185 5×6
WEDNES Bench: 95 5×6
FRIDAY Squat: 195 5×4
FRIDAY Bench: 100 5×4
FRIDAY Deadlift: 245 5×4 (surprisingly hard bc I was exhausted)
SATUR OH Press: 65×5, 75×5, 85×4
This week: (week 2) something like this….
MONDAY Squat: 185 5×8 (much easier than last week to get through) 
MONDAY Bench: 95 5×8 (still easy) “Put some weight on the bar”
WEDNES Squat: 195 5×6
WEDNES Bench: 100 5×6 
FRIDAY Squat: 200 5×4
FRIDAY Bench: 110 5×4
FRIDAY Deadlift: 255 5×4
SATUR OH Press 70×3, 80×3, 90×3
Next week: (week 3)
MONDAY Squat: 195 4×8 (can’t wait to drop a set off!) 
MONDAY Bench: 105 4×8
WEDNES Squat: 205 4×8
WEDNES Bench: 110 4×6
FRIDAY Squat: 210 4×6
FRIDAY Bench: 120 4×4
FRIDAY Deadlift: 265 5×4
SATUR OH Press: 70×5, 85×3, 95x?
This goes on for 3 more weeks dropping a set off every 2 weeks. I cannot wait for the 3×4 day, OMFG! Then I go into a 6 week intensity phase, still squatting and benching 3x a week, but heavier and less reps. YUMMY! 
Last time a did this sort of thing from Mike, I hit a HUGE easy beltless PR on the squat. This time around I’m training and testing WITH THE BELT to hopefully get that 303 squat in competition. THERE, I SAID IT! 303 at Nationals or else… or else what? I don’t know. I can’t make an “OR ELSE” with myself. haahaha Or maybe I can…. Or else I take the trash out myself until I hit 300+ without knee wraps in competition. Fiance should like that. But I’ll get that 303… He’ll like that MORE!